About Us

About Us

    JSPack Technology Limited is the company focused on packaging products and services. Founded in Pudong New Area, Shanghai, JSPack entered into packaging markets in 2005. Our products range covers from paper, wood, polymer, metal to special materials.

We now serve customers in various industries - FMCG, logistics, machinery, electrical, electronics, pharmaceutical, chemical, precision instruments and etc. We have been improving our customer service level by exceeding our customers’ expectation, and by building strong partnerships with global leading companies in the industry, such as Sealed Air Inc. (https://sealedair.com) and HSM GmbH (https://us.hsm.eu). In the mean time, JSPack also plays an important role in the China Packaging Council as the executive member of the council.

    Our vision: We create value for our customers through our packaging products and services - Value from Packaging.

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Packaging Service

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