Supporting Packaging

  • Press-on Adhesive Pouch

    Press-on Adhesive Pouch

  • Stretch Wrap Film

    Stretch wrap films are highly stretchable plastic materials that is wrapped around items. The elastic recovery keeps the items tightly bound. It is used to unitize pallet loads, as well as bundling smaller items.

  • Poly Bubble Mailer

    Poly Bubble Mailers are plastic envelopes lined with air-filled plastic bubbles that provide cushioning. They can mail accessories, books, bulky items and even some fragile objects in bubble envelopes. The cushioning provides some protection for the item being mailed, particularly from bumps and scratches.

  • Temperature resistant adhesive tape

    Temperature resistant adhesive tape is an ideal self-adhesive tape used in an environment with either very high or low temperatures.

  • Gummed Kraft Paper Tapes

    Gummed Kraft Paper Tapes

  • Plastic Packing Strap

    Our packing strap is made from PP, PET or other polymers.

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